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New smart phone users take time to know the phones. This happens with Apple iPhone users as well. Many times, functions of the phones differ such that the iPhone users take time to get accommodated to the new functions. Apple launches new iPhones very often this leads to purchase of new phones and many first time users. Usually, the new iPhones have design refinements or enhanced camera.

Most iPhone users do not tend to upgrade their phones instead tend to get phone repair Staten Island as it costs less than purchasing a new one. Minor issues like sticky buttons, battery issues, charging ports can all be fixed for less than one can imagine. Even after such repairs the phones do not appear to have been tampered with. The Apple screen is usually made of Gorilla Glass that is scratch proof however it can crack. Most repair stores can fix a damaged iPhone screen. Apple will void the warranty if the iPhone is fixed outside its retail store or Apple Care or a third part outlet. Replacing the iPhone with a new phone is easy however it is an expensive affair. It may tend to become a costly affair if you have a kid who plays with your iPhone like ball. Spending at least $200 every few months can make you lose your mind. iPhones are considered to be durable. Instead, if you get the iPhone repair Staten Island, you can save a lot of time and money. As per research, Apple iPhones are used for at least 18 months and can work longer. The repair stores have experts to repair every kind of damage iPhone with good quality service and value for money. They offer a warranty for the services at low price repairs.

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